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Catch & Release

A great spiritual teacher once told me that life is like a chord and along it you find a series of knots.


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Seeking Home

Birds are a common symbol of spirit, and their nests are a place of refuge—but one which they must abandon, season after season, and rebuild the next year.

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This series explores transitions between states of consciousness--the space between the subtle and physical worlds.

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Star Maps

The notion of maps that were created to guide souls’ transitions between the worlds-- going from birth to death to rebirth - inspired the series Star Maps.


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Piercing the Veil

Piercing the Veil is about the Spirit's coming and going between the material and ethereal realms. Skeletal forms and pieces of clothing represent what remains of the soul’s sojourn here on earth.


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Botanical Studies

Inspired by 19th century scientific drawings of flora and fauna, I create a collage like close up look into botanical plants and the creatures that surround them.

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Art Books

Hand-bound fine art books made with buried and naturally dyed paper. The pages are filled with small drawings and pressed flowers and leaves. 

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Memento Mori

Watercolor studies of bouquets in various stages of disintegration. 


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Memories are the unspoken diaries of our emotions and experiences. They lie locked in our minds and even in our cells.

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