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Tied in the Blight 300dpi
Bound but Unwound, 66 x 44 inches, charcoal on paper
Shakti Rising


Life is like a cord and along it you find a series of knots. The cord is life's journey. The knots are the unique life lessons that challenge and transform each one of us along one’s path.


To me, the cord has come to represent a mystically encoded path that, like DNA, is woven from the strands of memories and experiences from countless past lifetimes. These memories and experiences form the knots we must untie, dissolve, and transcend; and, as such they hold the key to who and what we might become.


The imagery of the cord and knot is an ancient and nearly universal symbol. Many cultures and religions use the knot to represent protective or talismanic properties. It might be argued that the creating of knots is a type of meditation. Just as when one recites a mantra or prays the rosary, tying a knot keeps the mind too busy with a precise and repetitive task to censor images from the unconscious.

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